Our Menu


Salmon Fillet

Oven baked salmon, Amandine potatoes, grated carrots, pickled cucumber and sour cream


Fish & Chips

Our homemade battered cod is served with chips, salad, lemon wedge and tartar sauce

Small:  185.00       Large:  215.00


All our burgers are served with fries and a dip

Angus Burger

Angus beefburger, crispy salad, bacon, cheese, tomato, onion & dressing


Venison Burger

From wild deer, crispy salad, coleslaw, tomato, onion & dressing


Hardanger Burger

Local beefburger from Folkedal, served with a crispy salad, tomato, onion, cheese & dressing



Small pizzas are 18cm with a thin crust, large are 40cm with thick crust

Pizza No. 1 Holmen

Tomato sauce, oregano, cheese and fresh basil

Large 125.00   Small 225.00

Pizza No. 2 Osa

Tomato sauce, oregano, cheese, ham and fresh basil

Large 145.00   Small 245.00

Pizza No. 3 Kvasshovden

Tomato sauce, oregano, cheese, beef strips, bacon, meatballs, mushroom, paprika, red onion and fresh basil

Large 165.00   Small 265.00

Pizza No. 4 Vassfjøra

Tomato sauce, oregano, pepperoni, paprika, red onion and fresh basil

Large 155.00   Small 255.00

Pizza No. 5 Åsen Rundt Vegetar

Tomato sauce, oregano, cheese, mushroom, paprika, red onion and fresh basil

Large 125.00   Small 225.00


Pasta with prawns and garlic bread

Pasta, scampi, cider, pesto, parmesan and fresh basil


Spaghetti Carbonara with garlic bread

Spaghetti, cream, bacon, garlic and parmesan


Salads, Soups & Sides

House Salad with garlic bread

Lettuce leaves, prawns, goat’s cheese, tomato, cucumber, sundried tomatoes, red onion, paprika and dressing


Chicken Salad with garlic bread

Lettuce leaves, chicken breast, tomato, cucumber, red onion, paprika and dressing


Fish Soup with garlic bread

Salmon, cod, scampi, cream, white wine, carrots, onions, celeriac and herbs 195.00

Side Salad

 A complement to any dish; lettuce leaves, tomato, cucumber, red onion, paprika and dressing


Garlic Bread

Ciabatta bread buttered with our own garlic butter served hot from the oven

2 pieces – 45.00   4 pieces – 75.00


Freshly made sandwiches using local fresh bread

Beef Sandwich

Bread, beef, aioli, crispy salad, tomato, cucumber, fried onion & fries


Salmon Sandwich

Bread, smoked salmon, scrambled egg, tartar dressing, crispy salad & cucumber


Prawn Sandwich

Bread, prawns, aioli, mayonnaise, crispy salad, tomato, cucumber & paprika


We can make other sandwiches on request, including vegetarian options

Children’s Menu

For children under 12 years

Sausage & chips – 75.00

 Spaghetti Carbonara with garlic bread – 85.00

 Fish & chips – 95.00

 Kids Burger with fries – 99.00


Choose from our homemade cakes or delicious ice creams


Homemade cheesecake with fruit and cream


Chocolate Cake

With raspberry coulis, cream and chocolate sauce


Apple Cake

Served with a dash of whipped cream – 65.00

Served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and whipped cream – 80.00

Ice Cream Sundae

A mix of our ice creams with fresh whipped cream, fruits, raspberry coulis, nuts and a biscuit



Orange juice (carton) – 30.00 

Coca-Cola 0,5l bottle – 45.00

Coca-Cola light 0.5l bottle – 45.00

Fanta 0.5l bottle – 45.00

Sprite Lemon 0.5l bottle – 45.00

Local apple juice from Ulvik 0.5l bottle – 75.00


World famous fresh ground beans from Illy

Coffee (regular) – 25.00

Refill in the same cup (regular) +10.00

 Speciality Coffees (Single / Double Shot)

 Espresso – 30.00 / 40.00

Cappucino – 40.00 / 48.00

Coffee Latte – 49.00 / 57.00

Coffee Mocca – 52.00 / 60.00

Hot Chocolate – 55.00

Flavours  +10.00 / +10.00

We also have a selection of vegetarian, vegan and gluten free dishes.

All prices are in Nok.

If you have any allergens ask our staff for help and we are sure we can make you something you will like.